Entertainment law

Going over contracts, copyrighting your work, or going to court to defend your intellectual property, copyrights, trademarks, and contract interests are things you shouldn’t try to do alone.  Whether you need advice on what to do in a particular situation, help negotiating a deal, or if you need to buckle down for a long fight in court to get what is rightfully yours, we can help you along the way.

Attorney David Steele spent several years on the the radio as “Dr. David.”  He hosted or co-hosted several popular radio shows, including “The Morning Show with Chris G. and Dr. David,” and “The Top 9 at 9 with Chris G and Dr. David” on WUMS 92.1.  He also spent time as a Station Manager, Music Director, Production Manager, and News director for the station.  He was instrumental in setting up artist interviews, artist promotions, station promotions, and remote broadcasts during his time there.  Additionally, station revenue increased substantially during his time as station manager.  During law school, Mr. Steele excelled in Entertainment law.  We are well prepared and able to help you navigate the complex field of entertainment law.